Guerrilla Snuff

Mafuranhunzi Gumbo


The book is out of print.


Written by Inus Daneel who changed his name to Mafuranhunzi Gumbo after his adoption by the Gumbo Rufura people of Gutu in the I96os, Guerrilla Snuff is a book that fictionalises chimurenga history with particular emphasis on the role of African traditional religion and beliefs. The book's title refers to the guerrillas' war practice of using snuff, part of the ritual of consulting the ancestors. The prophets of African independent churches such as the Apostolics and the Zionists are also depicted as actively involved in supporting the guerillas.


Notwithstanding the fact that Gumbo's main preoccupation was with reconstructing the course of the liberation war, a book published in 1995 could not have failed to extend its epilogue and give a synopsis of how, for example, some of these ' sons of the soil', whose bravery and prowess he celebrates, are now 'squatters' in a land they fought to liberate. - Muchaparara Musemwa, The Journal of African History


Mafuranhunzi Gumbo is pen name for Marthinus Daneel, an Emeritus Professor of Missiology at the University of South Africa, and now a Professor at the School of Theology at Boston University.