Harvest of Thorns

Shimmer Chinodya



Harvest of Thorns is an earnest and picturesque analysis of historic events in Zimbabwe. It begins during the country's colonial existence as Rhodesia, with its meaningless confusion and pain, until the moment of final insurrection which opened the gates of the now Zimbabwe. Chinodya builds a tale of pain and suffering with admirable honesty, yet retains mystery and intrigue.


Zimbabwe has fine black writers and Shimmer Chinodya is one of the best. Harvest of Thorns brilliantly pictures the transition between the old white dominated Southern Rhodesia, through the Bush War, to the new black regime. It is a brave book, a good strong story, and it is often very funny. - Doris Lessing


Shimmer Chinodya is a prolific Zimbabwean writer who was born in 1957 in Gweru. Most of his novels have been prescribed set books in southern Africa.