Highway Queen

Virginia Phiri


This book is available as a Kindle edition.


Virginia Phiri plunges the reader into the life of Sophie Mumba after her husband Steven is retrenched (a euphemism for all the workers who were permanently laid off when the country’s economy went into an uncontrolled free fall), succumbs to depression, and takes to drink. Sophie, like millions of African women before and since, is left to support her two children and ailing mother-in-law.


Highway Queen is Zimbabwean author Virginia Phiri’s third novel, and although it’s fiction, it reads as if it was ripped from the headlines during Zimbabwe’s torturous era of hyperinflation and political madness – it has the resounding ring of truth that will reverberate in your mind long after you stop reading. - Ambassador Charles Ray, Amazon


Virginia Phiri was born in Bulawayo, where she also grew up. She works and lives in Harare now. An accountant by profession, she is also an expert on African orchids, especially the Zimbabwean varieties.