Hypermasculinity, State Violence, and Family Well-Being in Zimbabwe

An Africana Feminist Analysis of Maternal and Child Health

Assata Zerai


The book is available in North America, not in Zimbabwe.


In Hypermasculinity and State Violence in Zimbabwe Undermining Family Well-Being: An Africana Feminist Analysis of Maternal and Child Health, Assata Zerai explores the demography of maternal and child health in Southern Africa from an Africana feminist sociological perspective. She presents a framework that considers the ways that nation, race, class, gender, sexuality, globalization, and other dimensions of oppression intersect to impact upon the experiences and agency of individuals and groups with health care and social support in Zimbabwe.


Prof. Asata Zerai, an Africana feminist scholar, has written a landmark book based on Zimbabwe's demographic health data. Her book raises troubling connections between hypermasculinity, violence and poor infant and child health in Zimbabwe.


Assata Zerai is Associate Professor of Sociology and African Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her research expertise includes Africana Feminist methodologies for social analysis and social organizing.