Keeping the Embers Alive

Musicians of Zimbabwe

Kristin Capp & Myrna Capp



Myrna Capp s down-to-earth interviews with thirteen musicians from Zimbabwe form the basis of this thought-provoking and informative collection. These are the personal stories of Zimbabwean traditional and pop singers, mbirists, guitarists, pianists, percussionists, dancers, praise poets, jazz musicians, and even an ethnomusicologist. Female and male perspectives are evenly represented, with emphasis upon keeping the true traditional music alive, and reflecting the importance of improvisation. Many sensitive photographs and sketches reflect the Capp family s eight years of interaction with the people. It s a must-own for your personal and institutional library on Africa


[Capp's] enthusiasm for Zimbabwean mbira music and for contemplating and exploring procedures of musical improvisation imbue this volume with a particular energy. - Ron Emoff, Notes, Second Series


Kristin Capp has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the world. She lives and works in New York.

Myrna Capp has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Washington, and is assistant professor of music at Seattle Pacific University where she teaches piano and piano pedagogy.