A Family's Journey in Africa and America

Philippe Wamba


  • Unknown publisher
  • Unknown city
  • 1999
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 383 pages


When Philippe Wamba's African American mother married his Congolese father in 1964, the family they would raise in Boston, MA, & Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, would become a test case of the pan-African ideal: that black people around the world share common interests, common goals, & a common destiny. In this deeply felt book, Wamba uses his personal background as a lens through which to view three centuries of shared history between Africans & African Amer. It is at once a vividly detailed memoir & a richly researched work of scholarship that deftly weaves accounts of Wamba's multinational childhood with enlightening analyses of history, music, literature, religion, & politics.


In a beautifully written, extensively researched personal response to the idea that shared skin color implies a shared heritage, outlook or destiny, journalist Wamba examines his African-American family roots in order to understand the importance, if any, of racial affinity.


Philippe Wamba was an African-American editor and writer known for his fusion of African and African-American culture.