Kwete – No! The Veto of Four Per Cent of the Governed

The Ill-Fated Anglo-Rhodesian Settlement Agreement, 1969–1972

J R T Wood



The adoption of the new republican constitution by the Rhodesian electorate in 1969 was intended to end the fruitless four-year-long negotiations with the British to secure recognition of the unilateral declaration of independence by Ian Smith on 11 November 1965. Given the evasion by significant nations of the trade sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the gamble was that this de facto recognition would become de jure. Formal recognition, needless to say, was unlikely because the framers of the 1969 constitution rejected the established aim of progress to majority rule through a qualified franchise.


A detailed look at one part of the transition in southern Africa that will give context to current conditions for those dealing with Department of State and Defense responsibilities for the region. Politicians, policy makers, and subject matter experts of all types will perceive applicable lessons that are well documented in this essential account. - Marine Corps Gazette


Dr J R T Wood is a Commonwealth Scholar, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and graduate of Rhodes and Edinburgh universities. He is one of the world's leading historians on Rhodesian and Zimbabwean political and military history.