Land and Racial Domination in Rhodesia

Robin Palmer



The author succinctly analyzes the origins of present-day Rhodesian land tenure and the corresponding phases in the subjugation of the country's Africans: the ever-widening expropriations made official in 1914, 1920, and 1930; the destruction of a flourishing agriculture; the creation of a class of African wage labor integrated into the white economy; the segregation of African land and agriculture and the strict limitation of African opportunity in the white economy. An affecting description of the creation of African dependency and demonstration of its extreme usefulness to the European colonist.


Whatever his motives, Palmer has produced a timely and persuasive account of how European settlers used "their control over land to secure for themselves a position of economic and political dominance" betwteen beween 1890 and 1936. - Michael S. Coray, Agricultural History


Robin Palmer is a Global Land Rights Policy Specialist, with a particular focus on Southern and Eastern Africa and South-East Asia.