Land Question in Zimbabwe

Sam Moyo


This book is out of print.


This book is the product of collective effort to develop the intellectual capacity of indigenous people in policy research and advocacy. The research arose out of policy work at the Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies (ZIDS) in 1983. The specific objectives of this study are: to develop agrarian, rural and environmental methodologies that directly address the question of land reform and promote local interactive analyses with policy makers; and to link this research to a variety of national and regional institutional research efforts in order to develop a Southern African research agenda on agrarian reform.


The land question has always been and remains at the core of Zimbabwe’s political, economic and social development. Indeed now as in the past, it remains the root of the political tension within the country and with the former colonial power, Britain.


The late Prof Sam Moyo was Professor of Agrarian Studies, founder member and Executive Director of the African Institute for Agrarian Studies (AIAS).