Liberation in Southern Africa - Regional and Swedish Voices

Interviews from Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Frontline and Sweden

Tor Sellström



The interviews in this book were conducted for the Nordic Africa Institute’s research project ‘National Liberation in Southern Africa—The role of the Nordic countries’. Around 80 representatives of the Southern African liberation movements, as well as Swedish and other opinion makers, administrators and politicians, reflect on the Nordic support to these struggles. Prominent contemporary leaders—among them Joaquim Chissano from Mozambique, Kenneth Kaunda from Zambia and Thabo Mbeki from South Africa—give their views on a relationship that largely developed outside the public arena and of which there is scant evidence in open sources. The book is a reference source to a unique North-South relationship in the Cold War period.


[Sellström's] discussion of these movements, and of their relations with Sweden, is authoritative and insightful, though he does succumb to some bias in his assessment of Sweden's aid policy. - Piero Gleijeses, The International History Review


Tor Sellström is a researcher with the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) in Uppsala, Sweden. In January 2011, Sellström was awarded the degree of doctor honoris causa by the University of Uppsala.