Made in Zimbabwe

An Autobiography

Stanley M. Made


Book is out of print.


Although Made's true story is worth reading as an adventure tale, and even as a sociological document, he would be the first to agree that the winding road to the hill top is only half the story. For to achieve a position of high responsibility, particularly in the circumstances he describes, calls for special qualities of magnanimity, good judgement and the wise management of human relationships.


I enjoyed Made in Zimbabwe. It is a delightful autobiographical account of a Zimbabwean's rise to a top professional position in spite of many disappointments and frustrations. The author strikes me as a warm hearted, impulsive, frank person, of dogged perseverance. He writes without rancor. The story illustrates how terribly high the ladder to promotion must seem to many young Africans, how difficult to climb it to the topmost rung. Besides its literary merits, Stan Made has also written a book which will impress as a social document. - Denis Hills


Stanley M. Made was the first black librarian at the University of Zimbabwe after independence.