Making Ends Meet at the Margins?

Grappling with Economic Crisis and Belonging in Beitbridge Town, Zimbabwe

Rekopantswe Mate


  • Codesria
  • Dakar
  • 2000
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages


This study of the town of Beitbridge on the Zimbabwe/South African border shows how neoliberalism, prevaricated by HIV/AIDS, has brought about far-reaching social change in the country, and unprecedented levels of poverty and social precariousness.


What is examplorary about this work is how a careful ethnographic case study can convincingly lead to such insightful theoretical comment(s). - Sarah Bracking, Review of African Political Economy


Rekopantswe Mate is currently a senior lecturer in the Sociology Department, University of Zimbabwe. She graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Hague, The Netherlands) with a PhD in Development Studies.