Memory and the Postcolony

African Anthropology and the Critique of Power

Richard Werbner



The critique of power in contemporary Africa calls for a new approach to the making of political subjectives. Through theoretically informed anthropology, this book meets the urgent need to rethink our understanding of the moral and political force of memory, its official and unofficial forms, its moves between the personal and the social in postcolonial transformations. This book brings these transformations into perspective.


These essays are useful; some are very stimulating. This is a valuable, timely collection marred only by muddy photographs. - T. O. Beidelman, The International Journal of African Historical Studies


Richard Werbner is an American anthropologist who specializes in the Zimbabwe and Botswana region, including ritual, personal and historical narrative, politics, law, regional analysis. He has taught at the University of Manchester since 1961.