Book not available in Zimbabwe.


Mindblast is a powerful collection of plays, fiction, poetry and autobiography in which Dambudzo Marechera (1952-1987) turned the full force of his formidable powers on Zimbabwe in transition. Brilliant and infuriating, Mindblast showcases his iconoclasm, his wit and his inventive use of language. This is Marechera's third book after House of Hunger and Black Sunlight and the last published in his lifetime.


Mindblast, the last book printed during his life, is unforgivably neglected. It is a literary scandal that it has never been published outside Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean College Press edition was an affordable paperback, but the book is now almost impossible to find. - China MiƩville, The Guardian


Dambudzo Marechera was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. His short career produced a book of stories, two novels, a book of plays, prose, and poetry, and a collection of poetry. He died in 1987.