Morgan Tsvangirai

At the Deep End

Morgan Tsvangirai



From village life as the son of a humble carpenter to struggling for power with Mugabe as the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, this is Morgan Tsvangirai's amazing story. Once an avid supporter of Mugabe's party Zanu-PF, Tsvangirai grew to detest their violence and oppression, leading him to found the Movement for Democratic Change. Tsvangirai deployed basic but effective tools of national resistance with clear vision and exceptional courage, despite multiple arrests and severe beatings.


This book makes very clear that Tsvangirai has long since earned the right to govern Zimbabwe as his country moves closer to the post-Mugabe era. - Alec Russell, Financial Times


Morgan Tsvangirai was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in the short lived Government of National Unity between 2009 - 2013.