Mothers of the Revolution

The War Experiences of Thirty Zimbabwean Women

Irene Staunton


The book is out of print.


Irene Staunton's book is a collection of interviews recounting the personal experiences of thirty African women during the Zimbabwean liberation struggle. With the help of five assistants, Staunton interviewed the women in their native languages of Shona and Ndebele, and later had the transcripts translated into English. Staunton has thus brought to light not only how the liberation struggle affected the lives of women from different rural classes throughout the Zimbabwean countryside, but also an aspect of the freedom fighters' activities that had not been previously recounted.


Mothers of the Revolution, is a book that has a lot more to do with mothers than with revolution. It is far from being a political book in any conventional sense of the term. - Gill Lusk, The Women's Review of Books


Irene Staunton is an editor and publisher at Weaver Press. She held the same role at Baobab Books.