Race, Status, and Politics in A Rhodesian Community

A. K. H. Weinrich


  • Paris
  • 1976
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 278 pages

The book is out of print.


A detailed study of life and attitudes in an African community of southern Rhodesia. Mucheke is based on first hand observation of the physical, moral and psychological effects of racial exploitation. It explores both the overt and concealed interactions between black and white in an urban setting.


It has a good deal of illuminating description of various activities and individual actors in Mucheke and a welcome accent on the role of women. Equally welcome is the attention paid to domestic servants (in Fort Victoria) - a much neglected topic in African urban sociology. - J. F. Holleman, American Anthropologist


Dr A. K. H. Weinrich was a professor at the University of Rhodesia who was forced into exile during the UDI period.