Mugabe and the Politics of Security in Zimbabwe

Abiodun Alao


The book is available in North American markets.


In 1980, the newly independent and democratic Zimbabwe was a beacon of hope in a troubled region. Three decades later, Zimbabwe became the focus of international attention for very different reasons: acrimonious racial relations, controversial elections, economic hardship, and military intervention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mugabe and the Politics of Security in Zimbabwe argues that this unfortunate transition is intrinsically linked to the ways in which President Robert Mugabe used the politics of domestic and external security for his own gain.


[Alao's] new book brings together many of the strands of the survivability factor to paint a picture of Zimbabwe under Mugabe within a framing of security issues. It is clear, accurate and well-sourced. - Keith Somerville


Abiodun Alao is Professor of African Studies at King's College London. In 2000, he was part of the team that undertook a comprehensive Threat Assessment for Rwanda after the genocide.