Mukoma's Marriage and other Stories

Emmanuel Sigauke



The stories in Mukoma's Marriage and Other Stories capture the lives of Zimbabwean men and the women they marry, and the lives of women and the men they fall in love with, each revealing the complexities of cultural and gender expectations against the backdrop of a changing country (war in the 1970s, political uncertainty in the 1980s and economic structural adjustment in the 1990s). Fati sets out to tell Mukoma's story, but ends up also telling his wives' stories. By telling his brother's story, and that of his women, he ends up telling his own story.


... no mukoma character in Zimbabwean literature has ever been as relentless as Sigauke’s Mukoma. From the beginning of the each story to the end, Mukoma is not altered by events; he alters them. - Tanaka Chidora, KwaChirere


Emmanuel Sigauke is a Zimbabwean writer based in Sacramento , California where he teaches English at Cosumnes River College. He is founding editor of Munyori Journal.