Murongiwa Stanislaus Marembo

The Forgotten Hero of Zimbabwe Liberation

Tava Marembo



This is chiefly a narrative by one of the founding politicians of Zimbabwe, Murongiwa Stanislaus Marembo, about his life in the then-oppressive Rhodesia. The man who spent arguably the longest, a total of seventeen years, in detention tells of his trials, tribulations, and the persecution he suffered for the independence of Zimbabwe. Mr. Marembo was one of the first people to be arrested and detained for political reasons. He was incarcerated in many a prison and detention and restriction area across what was then Southern Rhodesia and was left at the mercy of the wild. Marembo was instrumental in the transformation of Zimbabwe from the hands of the minority to the majority, but he did not live to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The real enemy pounced and assassinated him on 6 February 1981 by a bomb.


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Tavakunda Marembo was born on 6 July 1976 as the nineteenth-born child of M. S. Marembo amongst fifteen male and eight female siblings.