My Father Before Me

Memoirs of an Activist's Daughter

Catherine Kanhema-Blinston



Seventy years after the establishment of Rhodesia by the European settlers, a little girl was born to an activist. Her father fought to establish a one man, one vote system. He was arrested and imprisoned for ten years. The girl was ecstatic to have her father back until she realized that he had become a stranger to her. Her happiest moments during her childhood were the fun, light-hearted times she shared with her big family and the bonds she formed with her siblings during her outdoor adventures. These pleasant memories create a sharp contrast to the instability faced by a young girl growing up as a political activist's daughter.


My Father before Me is a vivid journey through Catherine Kanhema-Blinston's early life. It chronicles her life in the midst of poverty, war, and prison camps.


Catherine Kanhema-Blinston lived in Rhodesia in the sixties, after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. She has made twelve wildlife films.