My Kondozi Story

The People's Hope Pillaged

Edwin Moyo


  • Unknown publisher
  • Harare
  • 2016
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages


A tragic account of how the badly managed Zimbabwe Land Reform impacted the lives of more than 10, 000 who depended on Kondozi Estate for their livelihood after it was seized by the state to appease the greed of ZANU PF politicians. Small scale farmers were subsequently robbed of an opportunity to participate in the global economy and substantially increase their income.


Kondozi represent[ed] what is possible in uplifting small scale peasant agriculture in Africa, where that sector is often regarded as unproductive and incapable of participating in global agricultural markets. - Caleb Fundanga, former governor, Bank of Zambia


Edwin Moyo is an Entrepreneur and Co promoter of the Dow Jones SAM sustainability Index Fund , Innofin Mitchell and Mitchell and Kondozi Farms. Has wide experience in structured finance and is the author of many UNCTAD white paper publications on export horticulture structured trade Finance in Africa.