Nicosia Beyond Barriers

Voices from a Divided City

Bahriye Kemal



Since 1963 Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, has been split by a militarised border. In Nicosia Beyond Barriers, 35 writers from all sides of the Cyprus divide come together to write the past, present and future of their city. Cypriot-Greeks coexist alongside Cypriot-Turks, the north with the south, city with countryside, dominant voices and the marginalised. These writers move beyond Cyprus to other places that share the country's colonial history, taking in out-of-sync clocks, stray cats and bus rides to unfamiliar suburban conclusions. Together, these writers carefully bring together the fragments that make a whole picture of Nicosia, the world's last divided capital city.


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Dr Bahriye Kemal's research interests are in border/broader crossing geographical and disciplinary boundaries, with particular focus on the meeting of postcolonial and partition studies within both an Ottoman and British imperial and a space-place framework.