Nightshift & Other Stories

Musaemura Zimunya


This book is now out of print.


Zimunya’s short stories, even those that are based on realism, shift from the technique of ‘description and dialogue’ to one where the narrator seems to know something you need to know now-now, telling the story as if it were happening in a dream inside a dream. Zimunya allows you to fly away from three dimensional reality and see ‘what was’ or ‘what could be’, more like the effect of folk tale.


Despite its special place in the Zimbabwean short story canon, Musaemura Zimunya’s ‘Night shift and other stories’ will always need a bold footnote. Appearing in 1993, it is the only creative prose book by a man who has always written and published mainly poetry since the late 1960’s. - Memory Chirere


Musaemura Bonas Zimunya is one of Zimbabwe's most important contemporary writers. He teaches at the University of Zimbabwe.