Not Another Day

Julius Chingono



Julius Chingono's short stories and poems illuminate the everyday world of his native Zimbabwe: the buzzing townships, and the rural homestead. Depicting characters who face poverty, tragedy and violence with strength and courage, the author brings a ready humour to otherwise bleak situations, and a sharp eye to events and encounters in the country. Chingono's acute awareness of the many absurdities of the society in which he lives ensure his place as a life-affirming chronicler of its development.


Why Julius Chingono has not long ago become famous in his own country is a circumstance I do not understand. He is a poet of Zimbabwe, saturated with strong feelings about that society and its predicaments, but whose distinctive voice I, a stranger, find persuasive and powerfully moving. - Lionel Abrahams


Julius Chingono was born in 1946, the son of a farmworker, and worked for most of his life as a blaster on the mines. He died in 2011.