Now That the Dust Has Settled

Who Was Archbishop Patrick Fani Chakaipa?



In his Seminary years, Patrick Chakaipa wrote five Shona novels which became very influential in developing Shona literacy. He earned enduring respect across the entire Zimbabwean nation for this achievement. Within Church circles Archbishop Chakaipa's name is synonymous with the policy of self-reliance, which was his signal achievement in the Archdiocese of Harare. He was determined to see the development of indigenous Zimbabwean writers, frustrated that the world of ideas in Zimbabwe was dominated by Eurogenic (of European origin) missionaries. In his view such Eurogenic intellectual domination undermined Zimbabwean and African independence. In the book, Dzadagu argues that while Archbishop Chakaipa was a hero, indeed one deserving of canonisation as a Catholic saint, true respect for him should also acknowledge his negative qualities.


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