On the Road Again

Poems during and after the National Liberation of Zimbabwe

Freedom T.V. Nyamubaya


The book is out of print.


The publication of On the Road Again ushered in Freedom Nyamubaya as a new literary voice with a poetic story to tell and a message to convey. She is unique for being perhaps the only living female ex-combatant gifted with the talent and the discipline to reflect on her good, bad and ugly war experiences through the art of poetry. Her poetry is layered with the many voices of the voiceless comrades, fellow sojourners in the cause of freedom, justice and other values of the struggle.


[Nyamubaya] may have been a product of ZANU(PF)’s military and ideological training, but when she puts pen to paper, she is not swayed by loyalty to what has, over the years, grown into a Masonic cabal of tyrants trampling over the dearest wishes of the people underfoot. In writing, she is only proclaiming faith in the values for which the same ZANU(PF) and the people fought, because these values matter more than individuals. - Musaemura Zimunya, Poetry International


Freedom T.V. Nyamubaya was a rural development, gender and peace activist, farmer, dancer, writer and freedom fighter from Zimbabwe. She died in 2015.