On Trial for my Country

Stanlake Samkange


The book is out of print.


The white man's conquest of Rhodesia and the clash between Cecil Rhodes and Lobengula, the Matebele king, are the backdrop of this fascinating historical novel, which casts new light on the European empire builders and the people whose land they seized. The author-using actual letters and documents of Rhodes, Moffat, Jameson, and others-has woven together the threads


Histories and novels about Rhodesia by Europeans have been common. Now Africans like Samkange take the measure of the clash of cultures in central Africa. - Franklin Parker, Books Abroad


Stanlake John William Thompson Samkange (1922–1988) was a Zimbabwean historiographer, educationist, journalist, author, and African nationalist. He was a member of an elite Zimbabwean nationalist political dynasty and the most prolific of the first generation of black Zimbabwean creative writers in English.