Opening Spaces

An Anthology of Contemporary African Women's Writings

Yvonne Vera



With fifteen stories by some of the most talented and revolutionary African women writers, this anthology is a refreshing and inspiring one for the specialist and those interested in African (women) literature, and cultural studies. The editor, Yvonne Vera, has collected a fascinating range of writings by African women writers with a view to exploring the challenge of contemporary attitude and behavior and the use of the woman writer as a witness who pronounces her experiences on socio-cultural issues with great insight.


In this anthology of short stories, Yvonne Vera proves herself to be a writer's writer, a visionary whose understanding of continental African women's concerns, commonalities, and differences has the power to inspire the most disinterested of readers. - Adele S. Newson-Horst, World Literature Today


Yvonne Vera was an award-winning author from Zimbabwe. Her novels are known for their poetic prose, difficult subject-matter, and their strong women characters, and are firmly rooted in Zimbabwe's difficult past.