Palaver Finish

Chenjerai Hove


The book is out of print.


This timely volume brings together a series of articles, which have previously appeared in The Standard. Hove, publishing in Zimbabwe, believes the voices of the nation's politically engaged writers - in tune with the mood of the people and the times - are crucial in the current climate of political violence and censorship. To outside media and observers trying to ascertain the truths of the political situation, his writings offer insights from a black Zimbabwean writer and critic. Hove writes for and about Zimbabwe from a perspective that acknowledges recent history, and debates around culture, tradition and democracy.


[Hove's] criticism is unequivocal, his portrayal of Zimbabwe's politics, damning and unforgiving.


Chenjerai Hove was a Zimbabwean poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both English and Shona.