Performing Zimbabwe

A transdisciplinary study of Zimbabwean music

Luis Gimenez Amoros & Maurice T. Vambe



Performing Zimbabwe presents a transdisciplinary analysis of Zimbabwean music, drawing from different disciplines such as sociology, ethnomusicology, history, journalism, development studies, English, philology and drama. It offers a re-evaluation of Zimbabwean music by Zimbabwean scholars and, in so doing, reconsiders the work of international academics on the subject. It thus highlights the significance of local scholars in the study of Zimbabwean music. Given that this book features a wide range of perspectives, it provides a solid foundation for future studies on Zimbabwean music, either historically in the precolonial and colonial periods, or in the contemporary postcolonial period.


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Luis Gimenez Amoros is a research fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) at the University of the Western Cape. Previously, he has served as an Ethnomusicology lecturer at the University of Fort Hare and Rhodes University in South Africa.

Maurice T. Vambe is a Professor at the University of South Africa with a special interest in Diaspora and literary-historical study of representations of genocide in African literature.