Period Pain

Kopano Matlwa



When Masechaba meets Nyasha, a confident, outspoken Zimbabwean doctor, who is treated poorly by patients and colleagues because she is a ‘foreigner’, she realises she cannot stand back and watch and soon takes action. She embarks on a public campaign to change the xenophobic ways of her hospital which takes her down a dangerous path. Soon, she faces the wrath of those who are angered by her campaign. Through Masechaba’s story, Period Pain navigates the reality of South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation” – a reality replete with xenophobia, so-called “corrective rape”, and an appalling public healthcare system. There are, unfortunately, no happy endings here.


This novel is a compelling and interesting read that will take readers on a roller coaster of emotions on each page. It exposes the societal ills faced by this country and how different people deal with these. - BusinessDay


Dr Kopano Matlwa is an award-winning author of three novels. A medical graduate and heath care activist, Matlwa won the 2007 EU Literary Award for her critically acclaimed first novel Coconut.