Petal Thoughts

Yvonne Vera

Ericah Gwetai



This biography is largely based on Yvonne’s life and her novels. A young African post-colonial woman writer who had at the time of her death, captivated the hearts, souls, minds and intellect of the reading community throughout the world. The objective of this biography is to celebrate the life of a brilliant mind, an amazing woman. A woman whose pursuit to highlight the changes and struggles African women experience, is superb.


Imagine your mother writing your biography! What would she say or leave out and why? The late write Yvonne Vera’s mother, Ericah Gwetai nee Mugadzaweta has written a biography on Yvonne Vera. - Memory Chirere


Ericah Gwetai is a Zimbabwean author and mother of the later Yvonne Vera. She has published two collections of short stories and a biography of her own daughter.