Power in Contemporary Zimbabwe

Erasmus Masitera & Fortune Sibanda



This book brings together contributors from various academic disciplines to reflect on and theorize the contours of power, including the intrinsic and or extrinsic models of power, which pertain to individuals, communities, and or groups in order to transform society. Reflections are on various groups such as political movements, environmental movements, religious groups, advocacy groups, gender groups, to mention but a few, as they struggle against marginalization, discrimination, exploitation, and other forms of oppression showing their agency or compliance.


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Erasmus Masitera is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa and Senior Lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University.

Fortune Sibanda holds a DPhil in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe. He lectures in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo.