Power Politics in Zimbabwe

Michael Bratton



Zimbabwe's July 2013 election brought the country's "inclusive" power-sharing interlude to an end and installed Mugabe and ZANU-PF for yet another—its seventh—term. Why? What explains the resilience of authoritarian rule in Zimbabwe? Tracing the country's elusive search for political stability across the decades, Michael Bratton offers a careful analysis of the failed power-sharing experiment, an account of its institutional origins, and an explanation of its demise. In the process, he explores key challenges of political transition: constitution making, elections, security-sector reform, and transitional justice.


Compelling, thoroughly researched, and immensely informative.... Power Politics will also generate a great deal of discussion among Zimbabwe specialists as they confront the lessons and implications of Bratton's provocative analysis.— Perspectives on Politics


Michael Bratton is University Distinguished Professor of political science and African studies at Michigan State University.