Press Freedom and Communication in Africa

Festus Eribo & William Jong-Ebot



In this volume, twenty communications scholars examine, from a variety of perspectives, the past, and present developments in Africa's quest for press freedom. The essays focus on the media in Anglophone, Arabic speaking, Francophone, and Lusophone Africa, capturing the inherent problems and benefits-where they exist-of colonial legacy and the fragility of press freedom in the fledgling post-colonial administrations bedeviled by the underdevelopment and political instability. As essays in this volume reveal, Africa's unquenchable thirst for freedom of expression continues to play a central part of the socio-political and economic spheres from Cape Town to Cairo and from Accra to Harare.


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Festus Eribo is associate professor of international communication at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

William Jong-Ebot is director at Alpha Communications and Consultants International in St. Petersburg, Florida. He received his Ph.D. in mass communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.