Prisoners of Rhodesia

Inmates & Detainees in the Struggle for Zimbabwean Liberation, 1960-1980

Munyaradzi Bryn Munochiveyi



During the Zimbabwean struggle for independence, the settler regime imprisoned numerous activists and others it suspected of being aligned with the guerrillas. This book is the first to look closely at the histories and lived experiences of these political detainees and prisoners, showing how they challenged and negotiated their incarceration.


Prisoners of Rhodesia is the first academic book-length study on the topical subject of political imprisonment in Zimbabwe. It is based on extensive and superb empirical historical research, combining archival and oral sources. - Professor Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni


Munyaradzi Bryn Munochiveyi is an Assistant Professor at the College of the Holy Cross, USA.