Rainbow's End

A Memoir of Childhood, War and an African Farm

Lauren St John


  • Scribner
  • New York
  • 2008
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages


In 1978, in the final, bloodiest phase of the Rhodesian civil war, eleven-year-old Lauren St John moves with her family to Rainbow's End, a wild, beautiful farm and game reserve set on the banks of a slowflowing river. The house has been the scene of a horrific attack by guerrillas, and when Lauren's family settles there, a chain of events is set in motion that will change her life irrevocably. Rainbow's End captures the overwhelming beauty and extraordinary danger of life in the African bush. Lauren's childhood reads like a girl's own adventure story.


In exuberant prose St. John faces her family's politics as she matures. Though St. John's memoir is not as tight or pitch-perfect as Alexandra Fuller's Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, she bears witness to a remarkable story. - Publishers Weekly


Lauren St John was born in Gatooma, Rhodesia, now Kadoma, Zimbabwe. After studying journalism in Harare, she relocated to England, where she was for nearly a decade golf correspondent to The Sunday Times.