The Shapes of Justice in Women’s Experience

Laurel S. Peterson & Lisa Dresdner



(Re) Interpretations: The Shapes of Justice in Women’s Experience, is a collection of essays on language, religion, war, sex trafficking, and medicine—the patriarchal structures that form the basis of western society and, thus, are in many ways inherently unjust. The essays illustrate the multitude of ways that women have found to work within and without these structures to create justice.


Showing the usefulness and power of storytelling to change women’s lives . . . this book is a welcome contribution to a new type of feminist scholarship that engages insightfully with the questions and concerns rooted on women’s practices of change. — Prof María Pilar Aquino


Laurel S. Peterson is a community college English professor who has written a column for Gannett Suburban Newspapers on local history and served as editor of the literary journal Inkwell.

Lisa Dresdner is professor of English at Norwalk Community College. She is a co-founder of the Fairfield County Women’s Center at NCC and active in the women’s studies program.