Reclaiming Zimbabwe

The Exhaustion of the Patriarchal Model of Liberation

Horace Campbell



What really went wrong in Zimbabwe? The promise of liberation, human rights, democracy, development, and prosperity have been shattered by greed, state-sponsored violence, and tyranny. Yet the discourse on Zimbabwe has been polarized along racial and political lines. There is need for a critical analysis of Zimbabwe beyond these polarizations. Horace Campbell looks at Zimbabwe’s problems today, including the recent state and ruling party violence against citizens as manifestations of and deriving directly from the masochist, militaristic, and gender-biased conception of liberation which is deeply imbedded in the post-independent state.


[Campbell] has written an ambitious book that adds a new dimension to the growing number of critical appraisals of the Zimbabwean political economy under the control of a ZANU-PF. - Blair Rutherford,


Horace Campbell is professor of African American studies and political science at Syracuse University in New York and a member of the International Relations Faculty in the Maxwell School.