Religious Leadership in National Political Conflict

Bishop Abel Tendekai Muzorewa & the National Struggle Against Colonial Rule in Zimbabwe

Lloyd Tichaenda Nyarota



It is one thing for a religious leader to confront and challenge political leaders; it is altogether another thing when such a leader becomes a partisan political leader. This is what happened in the case of Bishop Abel Tendekayi, a bishop of the United Methodist Church. For such a religious leader to attempt to traverse both worlds political and religious are in some ways uncharted waters; in other ways, they are treacherous waters.


[Nyarota] offers us a nuanced portrait of a clergyman steeped in a rich prophetic tradition, who skillfully applies that tradition to a movement for post-colonial liberation. - Neal Christie, The United Methodist Church


Lloyd Tichaenda Nyarota is an ordained minister in The United Methodist Church Zimbabwe East Conference. He is currently serving as the Programme Director for the Church's Community Development Programme.