Rethinking and Unthinking Development

Perspectives on Inequality and Poverty in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Busani Mpofu & Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni




Development has remained elusive in Africa. Through theoretical contributions and case studies focusing on Southern Africa’s former white settler states, South Africa and Zimbabwe, this volume responds to the current need to rethink (and unthink) development in the region. The authors explore how Africa can adapt Western development models suited to its political, economic, social and cultural circumstances, while rejecting development practices and discourses based on exploitative capitalist and colonial tendencies. Beyond the legacies of colonialism, the volume also explores other factors impacting development, including regional politics, corruption, poor policies on empowerment and indigenization, and socio-economic and cultural barriers.


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Busani Mpofu is a senior researcher at AMRI, College of Graduate Studies, University of South Africa, and a Research Associate in the Human Economy program, University of Pretoria.

Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni is Research professor and Director of Scholarship in the Department of Leadership and Transformation (DLT) in the Principal and Vice-Chancellor's Office at the University of South Africa.