Revolt and Protest

Student Politics and Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa

Leo Zeilig



The evolution of student activism in sub-Saharan Africa is crucial to understanding the process of democratic struggle and change in Africa. Focusing on the recent period of 'democratic transitions' in the 1990s, Leo Zeilig discusses the widespread involvement of student activism in democratic struggles across contemporary Africa and focuses on two case studies, Senegal and Zimbabwe.


The strength of the book lies in its empirical detail and analytical rigor. The author combines a deep knowledge of the historical and geographical contexts; extensive use of archival and local secondary sources; and over 100 interviews with former and current student activists. – Nicola Ansell


Leo Zeilig is a writer and researcher. He has written extensively on African politics and history, including books on working-class struggle and the development of revolutionary movements, and biographies on some of Africa s most important political thinkers and activities.