Rhodes and Rhodesia

The White Conquest of Zimbabwe 1884-1902

Arthur Keppel-Jones


The book is out of print.


This volume deals with the conquest and colonization of Zimbabwe and the establishment of Southern Rhodesia, from the beginnings of British involvement in Bechuanaland to the death of Cecil Rhodes. Its emphasis is on the white invaders and its chief concern is white individuals, their motives, actions, and influence on events. The British South Africa Company and the irregularity of its financial and political operations are dealt with in detail. Keppel-Jones also discusses the development in the midst of the indigenous population of an alien white society and state, from their crude beginnings to their emergence in a form still recognizable today.


This is a very long, very large, and very heavy book. Arthur Keppel-Jones is a thoroughly unreconstructed, old-fashioned historian. - Robin Palmer, The International Journal of African Historical Studies


The late Arthur Keppel-Jones was a professor of history at Queen's University. He died in 1996.