Rhodesia: A Lesson in African Self-Reliance

Jabulani Beza



Furthering Jabulani Beza's research on African unity and Rhodesia, Rhodesia: A Lesson in African Self-Reliance explores the history and strategies in political and economic policy of African nations. Beza finds a number of areas where African nations have failed to secure their independence, from reliance on outside help for problems that are uniquely African, to the lack of long-range planning in facing the unexpected. Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, is used as the prime example of a nation struggling to come full circle from seeking assistance from outside nations to taking matters into their own hands, and finally establishing independence.


. . . on the whole this is a relevant and informative book. - Journal Of African History


Jabulani Beza is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice at Lincoln University, Missouri.