Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence

An International History

Carl Peter Watts



In this detailed and meticulously researched history Carl Peter Watts provides what is almost certainly the first study that sets UDI in context, not just in Commonwealth terms, but much more widely - notably, for example, in the involvement of the United States. The great strength of Carl Peter Watts's impressive study is that it explores fully a wide variety of issues in a way that helps to put all this for the first time in a full historical perspective.


[Watts] has written a comprehensive and definitive history of Rhodesia's path of rebellion. His use of material from several archives has resulted in new knowledge and new nuances of understanding that transform our views of what happened in the last white colony of Africa. - Stephen Chan, School of Oriental and African Studies


Carl Peter Watts teaches at the University of Southampton in the Centre for Imperial and Postcolonial Studies.