Rhodesia, the struggle for a birthright

Eshmael Mlambo


The book is out of print.


Eshmael Mlambo's book, Rhodesia: The Struggle for a Birthright, is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature on Rhodesia. Mlambo is an indigenous Zimbabwean, a point that will be noticed and appreciated by Africans who feel that African problems and issues ought to be written, studied and interpreted by Africans themselves from an African perspective.


[Mlambo's] book is a very great contribution to the small store of information and intelligent argument which can help to ease the Rhodesian deadlock. He continues the story of white settler occupation of an African region begun so ably by Stanlake Samkange in his Origins of Rhodesia. - Randolph Vigne, International Affairs


Eshmael Mlambo was a senior external representative of the Zimbabwe national liberation movement in the 1970s. He studied in America and England.