Rhodesian Black Behind Bars

Didymus Mutasa


  • Longman
  • London
  • 1974
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages

The book is out of print.


The book gives an interesting insight into the procedures of detention and the secret appeals tribunal. Mutasa faithfully reprints all the various orders served on him and his lawyers' correspondence, interspersed with reflections on the general situation in Rhodesia. Rhodesian Black Behind Bars also illustrates the depth of disillusion and bitterness of even conservative Africans who at one time hoped for peaceful evolution and now cannot adapt to the new demands of the situation.


[Mutasa's] book is the personal testimony of a conservative African Christian, obviously much influenced by Guy Clutton-Brock with whom he was associated both at St Faith's and at Cold Comfort Farm. It is a significant comment on the regime that he was 'considered the most dangerous person. . .' in Sinoia prison when he was detained in 1970. - T. I. Matthews, African Affairs


Didymus Mutasa is a Zimbabwean politician who served as Zimbabwe's Speaker of Parliament from 1980 to 1990. Subsequently he held various ministerial posts working under Robert Mugabe.