Rhodesians Never Die

The Impact of War and Political Change on White Rhodesia, c.1970-1980

Ian Hancock & Peter Godwin



This book tells the story of how White Rhodesians, three-quarters of whom were ill-prepared for revolutionary change, reacted to the 'terrorist' war and the onset of black rule in the 1970s. It shows how internal divisions - both old and new - undermined the supposed unity of White Rhodesia, how most Rhodesians begrudgingly accepted the inevitability of black majority rule without adjusting to its implications, and how the self-appointed defenders of Western civilization sometimes adopted uncivilized methods of protecting the 'Rhodesian way of life.'


...detailed and copiously documented study of (white) Rhodesia. - Times Higher Education Supplement


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Peter Godwin is a Zimbabwean author, journalist, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, and former human rights lawyer.