Rise Up and Walk

The Autobiography of Bishop Abel Tendekai Muzorewa

Abel Muzorewa


The book is out of print.


Bishop Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa, Methodist bishop and nationalist leader, was prime minister of the coalition government called Zimbabwe Rhodesia, which failed in its attempt to create a biracial government to end the civil war in formerly white-controlled Rhodesia. He was ordained in 1953 and was appointed a circuit preacher for five years before spending 1958 to 1963 at Methodist colleges in the United States. He supported his people's rising nationalist feelings.


One of the cardinal rules of writing an autobiography is that it must interest beyond the narcissistic circumstances of the author. Bishop Abel Muzorewa, however, seems to have overlooked those wise words. - Mazisi Kunene, National Black Law Journal


Bishop Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa served as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia from the Internal Settlement to the Lancaster House Agreement in 1979. He was a United Methodist Church bishop and nationalist leader.